Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of being a Franchisee

Franchising unites the skills and resources of an experienced and established company with the driving ambition and dedication of an individual investor. Our unique advantages include:

- Use of an established brand identity and proven business systems
- Promotional and administration power and support
- Superior market power
- Improved financing opportunities
- Ongoing training and guidance
- Bulk purchasing power
- Improved access to technology
- Improved access to suppliers
- Access to group marketing
- Reduced set-up costs
- Reduced risk

What skills are required to become a Cocolat franchisee?

Having practical business knowledge and/or experience in hospitality are both fantastic skill sets to have as an aspiring franchisee. However the most important skills are passion for the business, customer service and the Cocolat product. An exceptional work ethic and willingness to adapt to best practice methods is essential. If you have the right attitude, desire and passion for the business, you can acquire the necessary commercial skill set.

What is the initial investment?

The initial Franchise licence fee is $45,000 (ex GST) and is payable upon signing the Franchise Agreement.
Additional costs vary depending on store and location. As a guide total investment may vary from $180,000 - $600,000.

Can I finance my franchise?

We do not offer any direct or indirect financing, however we can point you in the right direction for possible financing opportunities. There are many traditional ways of financing any business including borrowing from your bank against your personal assets or plant and equipment for the business.

What ongoing services will be provided?

Cocolat Corp will support you and your business throughout the term of the Franchise Agreement with a host of invaluable services. These include the personalised support of a dedicated Franchise Manager, annual support visits and operational reviews, additional training opportunities and updates to the Operations Manual.

Where can I trade?

We are seeking franchisees for locations throughout Australia. You will be asked to carry out a territory evaluation as a part of your application process. Cocolat Corp retains the final decision on territories.

Can I sell my franchise business?

Yes, subject to certain conditions. Any purchaser must be approved by Cocolat Corp Pty Ltd.

How long does it take from first interview to the franchise opening?

Upon successful negotiation of a lease we would expect your store to be trading within 2-6 months.